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    Upgrade of DLP 2.2 patch2 to DLP 9.0

      Does anyone have any documentation on this process, or just an indication of how painful of a process this actually is?



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          I should mention that the clients using the current DLP are managed by EPO 4.0 patch4.

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            Have you already migrated your DLP server to 9.0? What's the total client base?


            - AB

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              No, nothing has moved forward at all. Client count is about 300,000.

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                I perform upgrade several times for customers and following my plan for you:

                1.       Disable from deployment task/tasks installing of HDLP agent and wait several days to ensure that all clients receive changes.

                2.       Export policy from DLP Policy interface (three files will be created in destination folder).

                3.       Export and backup (screen shots) computer assignment policy if you use computer assignment method.

                4.       Install DLP Tools on Helpdesk stuff workstations and check if “Override key” is well known. This necessary to be able provide Bypass code for old version of HDLP agents.

                5.       From Add/Remove programs on ePO server remove McAfee DLP management tools.

                6.       Install WCF service.

                7.       Check in HDLP 9 extension.

                8.       Go to DLP Policy interface and install new version of DLP Management tools.

                9.       Import saved previously policy and run with convert wizard.

                10.   Ensure in Agent Global configuration: Backward compatibility and previous version selected correctly.

                11.   Set newly added features in policy.

                12.   Recreate computer assignment policy if needed.

                13.   Run Migration Tool periodically to migrate events from Old database to ePO DB (if needed).

                14.   Few days after deployment task changed to prevent installing of HDLP agent, check-in new version (will replace old one).

                15.   Start to deploy new version to selected groups/computers.

                16.   After all clients upgraded, remove McAfee Event Collector from Add/Remove program and old DB.






                Good Luck





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                  hi, im at the stage of running the migration tool....


                  im a little confused though, how can i find out what the source db is (im 99% sure its mcafeedlpreports) and what the new target db is?



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                    Source is your current DLP database - so you are right: DLPReports

                    Destination is your new database which is the ePO database:ePO_Servername (DLP 9.0 is fully ePO integrated)


                    - Amiya Bisoi

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                      thanks for the reply, that solved it! events migrating now

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                        If your issue has been resolved, you can actually close this thread =)


                        You have a nice weekend!


                        - Amiya Bisoi