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    McAfee Did NOT Remove or Even Find the Ave.exe Trojan / Virus on my Computer

      Hopefully, I'm posting this in the right area / forum for support and help on this issue.


      McAfee Did NOT Remove or Even Find the Ave.exe Trojan / Virus on my Computer, even though it's definitely on my computer.


      Frustrating 2 days of this ave.exe stuff taking over my computer.


      I have Windows Vista, and never had a virus on this laptop in over 3 years since I got it (knock on wood).


      On Saturday (4/10/10) I got this fake Vista Security Tool 2010 Firewall Alert pop up, and using my other laptop quickly found info about the file ave.exe coming up in the Task Manager.


      The way I got it was from a TV Show website I was Googling for the latest episode of a TV Show, and other than clicking search results from Google, I never clicked anything else while surfing through these various sites. They were all "junk" sites and full of advertising. Not sure the exact site / ur this happened from, but I never download anything from sites.


      Sure enough, I saw it (ave.exe), and kept disabling it, but could not find it anywhere on my computer (I'm not technically saavy at all).


      What I didn't realize, was my McAfee was expired for over 6 months - my fault!


      I paid for new subscription, was able to get it installed (although had to repeatedly stop the ave.exe process from my Task Manager).


      Ran a new fully comprehensive virus scan today (Sunday - 4/11/10) and McAfee didn't find or quarantine this virus / Trojan.


      Confused why McAfee wouldn't be able to find and remove this crap from my computer.


      As soon as I went to open an Internet Explorer Window after McAfee virus scan was complete, then bam, that stupid fake Vista Security Tool pop up occurred again, and the only thing McAfee pop up told me was something was trying to access the Internet, so I blocked it.


      Can any one help with the specific soultion (in as non-techie speak as humanly possible )


      - Can McAfee remove this? If so, why didn't it?

      - If not, is there non-techie instructions on how to remove this ave.exe virus?


      Thanks in advance for your help on this!

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          I got infected on the same days, wierd.. any way i used loaris trojan remover and got rid of it, just follow directions they give you.  Will be uninstalling my mcafee today due to me scanning twice to try and remove this bug and it found nothing.  Mcafee was running in background when i was infected.

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            I got the same virus. I have been fighting to get rid of it for three or four days. I have computer skills and still haven't been able to get rid of it. I deleted the file and regestry entries and it still came back. I went to McAfee suport and emailed a report to them. I couldn't follow their reporting instructions because the page couldn't be found. So I winged it sending them versions of my browser and McAfee software the file name and other info that thought they may want. I got zero reply. I went back to their suport page and ran their free scan, it found nothing. I then went to suport and ran another program to get to their suport chat. Then I I got to their tech support chat and it ran yet another program. The tech said he couldn't help but for a fee, $90 McAfee could remove it. I said no thanks could he tell me where to find removal instructions and he said he would email them to me. He didn't. I waited until the next day and still no email so I went back to their site and jumped through the hoops again and asked the tech to email me the instructions or tell me where to find them. She sent me two emails with links to McAfee suport sites. When I told her that I had already been there she told me for the second or third time that McAfee could remove the virus for a small fee. Frankly it felt like their main goal was to get me to pay the fee and not to actually help me. If anyone from CrapAfee is reading this you have one angry customer here. Here are the service numbers SR-488112213 and SR-488309168.

            This virus makes multiple regestry changes that removes all file associations so nothing will run. Everytime you try to run something it runs another ave.exe. To get around this I went to a folder and tools/folder options file types tab new advanced. entered exe and application. I did a search on ave.exe to find and delte the files after ctrl/alt/delete task manager to stop the running ave.exe's 5 at one point! You have to make hidden files visable first. This will get the machine running again but the virus is still there and pops back up and redoes all of its regestry changes! I eventually call tech support at my ISP looking for help and the tech recomended two anti virus programs. Malwarebytes and ComboFix remover. The second requires uninstalling CrapAfee so I went with the first. I ran the scan. It took three hours! But it found 14 items including three or four files. I told it to delete them and figured I was good. Wrongo. Damn thing came back. I ran it again because I had done the above and figured it may have missed it because I had already deleted the key files. So I ran it while the virus was screaming about all of the ifections it claimed I had. The time Malwarebytes found eight items and deleted them. I am running it again right after it rebooted from the last scan. If this doesn't work I will try the combofix or the one recomended in the second post. I have also heard of one called Trojan remover by get this Simply Super Software LOL what a name.

            In conclusion I think ************. I may just uninstall it because it is a resource hog that is iffy on protection. This isn't a brand new virus it is a modified version of the av.exe fake alert virus. There is info on it on the internet. Malwarebytes has it in their dat file. Why doesn't CrapAfee? The only reason I can figure is that they want to get more money from their customers for removing it. McAfee=Epic Fail.

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              Just a quick update. Malwarebytes seems to have removed the virus. I had to run it twice though. Well three times actually. I had manually removed the virus the first time I ran it so I think it missed it that time. I ran Malwarebytes a second time while the computer was showing signs of infection and it removed it. I ran it again right after I rebooted the computer just because I am feeling paranoid right now. It didn't find anything that time.

              However I suspect my browser Internet Explorer 8 has been hijacked. It will open a new window with an ad in it. That and Microsoft Update won't work. So more work to do. I am running Malwarebytes on that PC as I type this. Sugestions wellcome.

              I am still mad at McAfee for trying to charge me to remove what McAfee should of protected me against in the first place.

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                I recently had a very bad experience with McAfee performance on my machine.  Somehow I got infected with a very malicious virus.  I was told by someone at the McAfee Customer Support desk that it was a shadow antivirus program.  But later was told by someone else that it was just a bad virus.  Anyway, what happened, I started receiving messages on my screen that I was infected with several virus, and to run the program that the message came from.   I did not do this, but instead went to my McAfee icon and tried to run it.  I have the McAfee Plus antivirus program installed, and was somewhat surprised that it had not caught these before my machine was infected. To my concern, I discovered that McAfee would not run, and in fact later found that it had even been removed from my machine totally.  I tried to run the free online virus scan, and it would not run.  I did everything else I could think of to remove this virus, but failed.  I am no expert when it comes to the computer, but am somewhat literate.   I soon found out this virus was preventing me from running many of my executable installed programs, one in particular being my Turbotax.  After many frustrating hours of trying to resolve this, and really being under the gun to get my income taxes completed, I gave up and called the McAfee pay for help number.  I asked the technician if he had ever seen this virus before, and he replied yes.  Which led me to the comment of if it was known, why wasn't it in the library and therefore caught before it infected my machine.  He had no answer for that.  It took the technician about thirty minutes, but was successful in removing the problem.   In the past I had always subscribed to Norton Antivirus, and had never had a single problem.  I just subscribed to McAfee in February of this year, and experienced this problem.   I will not renew my McAfee subscription and will go back to Norton.

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                  Peter M

                  This is the same as av.exe and it also helps to Google search these things.  It is planted when you get a pop-up for a fake anti-malware program called Secure Antivirus Pro (with a few aliases) and click on the link it provides, something one should never do.  Ave.exe is a variant of the same thing.   One gets these things by clicking on a bad link unthinkingly


                  There are very good removal instruction here:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-secure-antivirus-pro


                  NO anti-virus application, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky or whatever, will protect against everything, so it really isn't fair to slam McAfee because you allowed something into your machine by accident.


                  Switching to another brand isn't going to help.


                  Like all makes of antivirus there is a process in place whereby you can submit files that are suspicious.


                  Likewise there are always tools available to help you get rid of these annoying pests.


                  It's always wise to keep extra anti-spyware tools handy, just in case.


                  Malwarebytes, as mentioned above, is excellent but is not a substitute for an anti-virus application but rather as a supplement to one.



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                    Anti-virus  software alone is not enough to keep a machine secure in today's world  -  it is an unfortunate fact that no Anti-Virus vendor is able to  promise 100% detection rates so there will be times when you get hit by  something bad. New malware is created and published all the time,  therefore keeping your AV software up to date should been seen as just a  part of your security defences. McAfee recieves over 50000 potential  malware samples on a daily basis, and this number will continue to  rapidly climb. As quick as we're writing protection and designing new  technologies to fight the wave of malware, the bad guys are working hard  to find new ways to beat the system.


                    It's not all doom and gloom though, with a  bit of knowledge you can do a lot to protect yourself, your family and  your data from the threats and attacks that are out there on the web.


                    For more information  please see: How did I get infected when I have  McAfee software installed? (TS100771) and 13 Ways to Protect Your  System. There are also many articles available in McAfee Security  Advice Center which are well worth a read.

                    As ex_brit says you can always submit suspicious samples to us if you do find something on your machine which you are concerned about.


                    Kind regards,



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                      I understand and accept that there is no way to catch every new virus. Until some computer gets infected nobody but the creator of the virus knows about it.

                      My complaint is that McAfee support chat seemed more interested in selling me the removal service than in helping me deal with the virus. I have been playing with computers for almost 20 years. I have some skills. If McAfee techs can remove the virus then they have a script for doing that. The tech in support chat never offered to send me a link to removal instructions. Actually one did but he never sent anything that would help. Just links to McAfee support pages that I had already been to.

                      I tried repeatedly to get instructions on reporting the virus in case it was a new one. The webpage wouldn't load. I found an email to report new viruses and sent them what I knew without their instructions. I never heard back from them. Either to link me to removal instructions or to say wow that's a new one thank you for reporting it we are working on a counter. Or can we get more info, please send the following.

                      Now for an update. I got rid of the original virus by downloading and running malwarebytes. Befor I could do that I had to go into folder options and restablish the assiation for exe files. Instructions open your My Documents folder. Click tools and then Folder Options. Click the File Types tab and then New and Advanced. Enter exe in the File extension and it should automatically put Application in the Assciated file type drop down. The shortcut on your Start menu still won't work but you can go to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe to run Internet Explorer.

                      All of this is kinda moot because McAfee seems to have updated their dat files to include the ave.exe virus.

                      Now for the punchline. My PC is still messed up. There is still some kind of virus/adware that blocks Microsoft Update and it will randomly open an Internet Explorer window with an ad and or download a virus. The viruses seem to all be av.exe or variants of it. Fake antivirus popups and registry changes to make it hard to run anything to fix the infection.

                      I spent 4 hours so far with Microsoft techs working on my PC remotely to no avail. The last one gave up after two and a half hours. The first hour of which was spent trying things I had already tried. Now I am waiting on a call back from Microsoft research. I am much more satisfied with Microsofts failed attempts and escalation than I am with McAfees attempts to sell me another service.

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                        i am pretty sure that McAfee created ave.exe.  i got it right away after I subscribed to McAfee.  I was thru a recovery and it was hell.  Now it came back.  McAfee has the virus in its database but it doesn't take any action.  what else could it be?  it's its creation and wants more money for removal.  it calls for class action.



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                          this is not an answer but kind of excuse that mcafee has created it.  i personally will take action today and report it to the proper agencies.

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