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    AAH !! Total Protection Problems!!! PLZ HELP

      Ok so ive always had Mcafee installed on a dell pc since 04 (came with the machine) not a few weeks back i unistalled it (via remove programs etc.) simply cause of the cost per yr etc. HOWEVER just tonight i desided against my desition of purchased the "Total Protection" again. paid for it, downloaded it & when it comes to installing i get:

      "We can not install any of thne security features included with your software,to fix this, you can: Try Again (Done this 6 times now, still same)

          Run Mcafee Virtual Technican - done that & get an error, ever ran that softare & says NO mcaffe found & thirdly contact support..


      Can anyone help ??? if not  HOW DO I GET MY MONEY BACK ??




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          When you uninstalled the software did you also run the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links? You may have some remnants left over that did not completely remove when you did the normal uninstall. As for a refund, you would have to contact customer service for that also under Useful Links.


          I might add you have 30 days of free telephone technical support since you recently purchased the software.


          Good Luck



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            Yeah ive ran the MCPR removal tool... did the whole restart, tried the download again etc... still the same error   im wondering if its a reg. error ? what with removing the old version?  but how would i fix that ? plus im not too sure im right  there just a guess.. its simply cause i cant think what else is the problem... i checked windows firwall, turned that off & still no joy ... what to do?

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              As it is the weekend you may not hear from McAfee till Monday. Can you post some info about your computer? What is your operating system? How much ram is available? Did you have any previous antivirus software? Can you post a screenshot of the error message ? Are you current with all your Windows updates? Maybe Ex Brit or Peacekeeper will chime in and suggest something that I haven't thought of. Both of these gentlemen are volunteer Mcafee moderators.

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                there isn't sn error message thats why im confused all i get is what i put in the first post.... its a dell dimensions on XP there is no problems to me, ram is 1gb but like i said everything was fine till i removed it then bought a new copy online via the store & now i get the message about " can not install......" etc ive just tried to install a alternative anti virus software, but that wont install eith now !!  ooh & yes my window updatres are auto...

                cheers fo the help so far btw

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                  Peter M

                  Sounds like it's objecting to some other protection software, only a guess.  If you've only just puchased it you can not only get free online chat, available at any time, but for the first 30 days you get free telephone support as well.  This is only if you purchased it retail.


                  Click Technical Support in the Useful Links at the top of this page.


                  What operating system and service pack is this and what protection software have you got alreadyor had in the past?

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                    I oftern find with "telephone support"  the issue is never resolved... & yeah i purchased it from the Mcafee website lastnight. i have no protection now( Exept windows firewall etc.)... ive always ran Mcafee on it... but like i said, i removed it via the (remove program) feature in control panel... & tried to re-install it again lastnight after my purchase... i even ran the special program on this website to remove all features & files, (ive forgotten the prog. name now) i also tried AVG but that didnt install either.... now im lost ?? Btw its Windowas Xp Prof. running on Service Pack 3 Ive never had any problem until i removed it (even when ive done system restores in the past, just had to download it from the website again etc..) ... wish i didnt remove it now...


                    cheers for the help

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                      Peter M

                      Try Technical Support Online Chat.   They've helped lots of people successfully so I would at least give it a try.


                      But I would certainly take advantage of the free telephone support if I was in that situation.   You don't know what will happen unril you try it.

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                        wheres the free telephone support feature ? does anyone think it could be a register error ?? & how can i fix it...

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                          Peter M

                          Sorry it appears that you aren't in the USA so the free phone support doesn't apply but the free chat support does.