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    mcshield.exe super high memory usage:  help needed pls!


      The problem is mcshield.exe is running @ 80-107 MB constantly and slowing down my computer.  I didn't have this problem until recently.


      I'm running Windows XP/SP 3 on 512MB and


      Security Center 9.15/Build 9.15.175

      Virus Scan 13.15/Build 13.15.117

      Personal Firewall 10.15/Build 10.15.106


      • I ran McAfee Virtual Technician.  It found and fixed one file. 
      • I run a thorough McAfee Virus Scan every night.  No problems reported. 
      • I've run Microsoft's malicious software removal tool.  Nothing found. 


      When mcshield.exe runs @ app. 35MB @ startup, my computer functions ok.  It seems when I launch IE8, mcshield.exe usage starts creeping up.  Once it gets above 50MB, sometimes a whirring sound starts in my computer.  Even if I close IE8, mcshield usage stays exceptionally high.


      Can someone please help me remedy?!

      Thank you,


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          Peter M

          Moved to SecurityCenter 9.


          I would look into the feasability of upping yoiur RAM if possible.  You are right on the minimum required to operate McAfee software smoothly.


          I know the sales pages state 256mb but we have been asking them to increase that for at least 2 years now.  I'll flag the issue again.


          Have you checked for infection using independant means? Try an online scan here and here.


          Also do you have any competing software installed?  What browser add-ons do you have other than Flash, java etc?


          Was this an upgrade from previous versions?


          All that said it's the CPU usage that's important.  Those memory figures in the Task Manager are maximums, it doesn't mean they have taken that amount of memory away on a permanent basis.


          If you are experiencing ongoing issues Technical Support Chat is available free of charge via Useful Links at the top of this page.



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            Thanks very much for the quick and detailed feedback.  I will investigate the issues mentioned and post results.


            Clearly 512MB RAM is on the low side these days and McAfee does use quite a bit of memory, so that's something I'll have to look into.


            If all else fails, I might resort to McAfee technical support, but frankly I've been really dissappointed by their level of service.  I've found the community much more interested in comprehensively listening to, approaching and solving problems.


            Thanks again.

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              Peter M

              It might also benefit form a cleanup and reinstallation as per: http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS100507


              Anyway, good luck!

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                Brilliant!  I think this issue is resolved thanks to your suggestions.


                I ran through the checklist of potential issues and here's some info:


                • Upgrade from previous version:  no, just a renewal couple of months ago.
                • Browser add ons:  not very many other than "standards" like Flash, couple of Adobe Reader, etc.
                • An independent online scan is what seemed to do the trick.  Windows Live One Care found 1 medium level issue and a load of registry files that it cleaned up.  For now, my system is like butta' - well as smooth as it can be with 512MB.


                Awesome advice.  Thanks again.

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                  Peter M

                  Glad to hear it's OK now.

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                    I just sent the following message to Level 2.5 Escalation (email McAfeeCallback which is at SutherlandGlobal in the COMmercial domain, in case these jerks filter for email addresses. I recommend that everyone here snow them with emails; maybe it will get their attention):



                    "Like the other poor people in your Forum here:


                    ... I am finding mcshield.exe to be defective. It starts out with about 16K of memory assigned to it. As time goes on, it collects more and more memory that does not belong to it. Right now, my copy of mcshield is running at about 85K. This is the classic symptom of a "memory leak", which means that a piece of software is poorly programmed or designed, and over time accumulates more and more memory (and accordingly does weird things.) I find that mcshield tends to kick in and gobble up 99% of CPU time when I am doing something that McAfee has NO BUSINESS interfering with (such as opening a Properties tab on a LOCAL Adobe Reader document.)

                    I was SHOCKED to find that this problem dates back to (at least) March 30, __2010__ (that's "two thousand and ten", or over TWO YEARS AGO!!!) So I'll just assume that this is something that McAfee is fully aware of, but can't be bothered to fix.

                    I don't know what else to say:

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!

                    FIX THIS!!!


                    I'm going to get the hell rid of this crappy software when my subscription runs out in a few months, but in the meantime I need it to at least HALFWAY work without crippling my machine. I am very busy at the moment, so I'm not interested in having my machine tied up for a couple hours while one of your techs pokes around in it. You KNOW what this problem is!! Get your ENGINEERS on it and FIX IT!



                    This is ridiculous. There are also at least FIVE other threads on this same problem!!! Complain NOW, and complain often.


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                      Posting in 3 places just wastes our time. That is forum spamming and is not looked upon lightly.


                      That said we mods are always stirring to get tthe current mcshield issue fixed.. The 2010 issue was 2 versions back and not a big issue the issue they are getting now is high CPU usage as you say. The issue here was fixed in 2010.


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                        Total newbie on here...signed-up only a.m. on 19.04.2012 (UK)

                        I have spent all morning reading an alternative thread (same topic!)...."mcshield.exe high CPU useage"....got as far as contibutions page 37 !!!!

                        After registering, (on a different machine), I put the thread 23377? into the McAfee search and got straight to here.   With quite high - and rising - blood pressure!


                        I too have (only fairly recently) been having this amazing 90-100% CPU useage and incredibly slow running - especially on start-up - of my primary programme use......MS-FlightSimX.


                        I think that I have a pretty reasonable - and previously quite fast - system:

                        water-cooled i7 quad core (with hyperthreading to 8);

                        an Asus Pro MB;

                        Overclocked at 5.8;

                        1T/b + 150SSD;

                        8-Gig RAM with another Gig on the

                        nVidea 580GTX.  

                        it is NOT a slouch!   and - until recently - it was entirely stable.

                        I run Windows 7 Pro.  64-bit  I use IE8   My McAfee came pre-bundled ('free'!!) as part of my BT Infinity broadband service and has been OK for >2 years


                        Now, however, "Slow running" is just not strong enough a word (OK two words!).....but this forum would not be willing to publish the two other well known words that now sum up the depth of my frustration!


                        I can confirm that in my own experience, this MUST have something relating to the 'RealTime Scanning", because when I turn that off (temporarily!), my CPU use reverts to flat-line at around 3%.


                        " Woss-goin-on "  (I'm an East End Boy !)


                        This really is just not good enough and not only will McAffee very shortly be losing my own custom, but the mud will fly - literally - when details of my ever more frustrating experiences get spread around our Virtual/On-line flying communities (I subscirbe to eight of them!).


                        Please, please, please give me some hope that - after so many years of listening to their customers' whinges, that McAffee do actually have something in the pipeline that addresses this - THEIR - "issue".



                        Mac (not yet bald, but rapidly getting there!)


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                          The thread you tagged onto is old and though mcshield was caused by another issue that was fixed. This one (yours) seems strange in that it is on not a single core CPU (P4) which most seem to be. Are you scanning at the time or have indexing being done at the time the issue happens?


                          My I7 975 extreme gets high memory on mcshield when scanning the windows checksur folder. This is the only issue I see and this is in the process of having a fix rolled in the next month or so. This easily workedaround by deleting the folder till windows update reenstates it.

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