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    System crash after installing mcafee.

      System crash after installing mcafee 2010 mcafee total protection.


      Windows 7 64 bit  OS

      4 Gb of ram

      Dell  1525 Laptop


      As soon as we install mcafee the computer crashes and goes to a blank black page.

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          Hi syed.tabrez.

          This is a known issue with Windows 7 – 64 bit operating systems and the engineering team is already working on it. However, please try installing McAfee beta programs from here http://beta.mcafee.com and let me know the status. Once again sorry for the inconvenience, I shall update you on the status on the original programs as soon as I get an update from the team.


          Dinesh K

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            Thank You i will try the beta program and let u know the details.

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              Since Friday 1600 after a large update of Mcafee Security Centre my PC freezes after the Welcome screen. PC runs without any problem in Safe-mode in which I can also start Mcafee Security Centre.

              It is the Security Centre which is causing my PC to crash. After de-installing Mcafee everything works fine. Everything WORKED fine BEFORE the update !!!!!

              I've also tried your BETA 4.5 Total protection but the same problem.


              Please help!!!!!


              My system

              Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200, 2.2GHz Windows 7 Premium

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                Vinod R

                can you please run McAfee Virtual Tech and see if it reports an error



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                  Thats what I said!! Dinesh K advised this to Syed.tabrez in the above discussion. Check out Beta Lab Home and Home Office. Thats where I got it from.

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                    Vinod beta 4.5 is actually Total Protection 10.5 I emailed you info on it.

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                      Vinod R

                      ya.... my bad...



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                        We appolozise for the inconvience

                        we do recently verify this with windows 7 (64 bit)

                        we are working on this issue

                        try advanced boot options and select "last known good cofiguration" to get the system back

                        try installing mcafee beta version

                        let me know the results and we are expecting a possitive result in this case.


                        regards and thanks

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                          Toshiba laptop with windows 7.


                          Been trying to download the McAfee anti virus software from the following link: bt.com/netprotectplus/download because the software comes as a package from when I bought the laptop. I used a screen share with someone from bt to help with the installation process but once I try to run the installation setup for McAfee, the crash screen (blue screen) comes up and the system reboots.

                          I've completely uninstalled the previous McAfee but to no avail, the problem continues. How do I get this McAfee on my laptop?!

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