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    scan Lotus mail

      i have mcafee 8.7i sp3 and Lotus 8.5. When my mcafee is turn on opening mail box go on very slow. If I turn of Mcafee - scaner mail then opening mail box go on faster, very faster.

      Whan can I do that speed opening Lotus mail box with turn on McAfee.

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          Moved to VirusSan Enterprise for better attention.

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            This is probably due the scan overhead of scanning the multiple .jar files that are present in the lotus note program directory. It might be an idea to consider exclusions for these files.

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              I thing it is not this problem, becouse diffrent database in Lotus opened fast only database with mail opened slow. It have direct reason is scanig through McAfee mail box, not directory on my computer.

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                Has been a while since I've looked at the E-Mail scanner for Lotus, but believe it knows your mail file and does scan it upon receiving emails etc.


                I wouldn't expect the scanning to be that much of an overhead though. Is it over a slow link? What sort of settings are enabled in the e-mail scan?

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                  in viruscan -> scaning e-mail -> settings for Notes I have mark check box with "scaning e-mail for server"  and in "master folder email" - !!mail\                   (I translate from poland to english)

                  in advance option I have names.nsf, log.nsf, headline.nsf, bookmark.nsf


                  That as I earlier write when I open e-mail database it is slow, and if I open another database is is fast. If I clean chack box with "scaning e-mail for server" that database whith e-mail opened fast.


                  those symtpoms are in local network and when I connect from interenet.