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    Files are duplicated and the new became .exe



      My name is Francisco, We in Movicel  heve a Gold Support from Mcaffee, our problem is Raila Odinga.


      there is  more ditalhe abaut it:


      Sevices created

      • nemesis.exe
      • nemesis.inf
      • server.inf

      Regity Key created

      Key:  software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\couponsandoffers

      Value: @

      • Key:  software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\htazpohvqs

      Value: @


      USB flash drive

      Other consequence of the virus infection.

      it create word file in:

      It duplicate all files in director,  but putting then as .exe

      Egg.  Test.xls à Test.exe

      Opening many time the  image in attachment

      Movicel Mcafee  Produt.


      EPO – 4.5.0

      Viruscan – 8.7i

      DAT – 5945

      Engine – 5400.1151



      Server  -2003

      Client: XP, Vista, Win7