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    McAfee Agent Not Communicating Effectively



      Having a strange issue with one of our Windows 2000 Servers in our DMZ.


      Have managed to get McAfee Agent rolled out to it, which has picked up its tasks and policies for rolling out VSE... all working fine.


      The only problem we do have is that it won't report any product information BACK to Thurepo02.


      It will show its IP, Domain Name, OS Version etc, but won't show that VSE 8.7i is installed.


      Again, strangely enough, it DOES show what version of McAfee Agent is installed.


      So there is SOME communication... but the agent just refuses to tell the server that VSE is installed.


      I have reinstalled the agent several times and used force wakeup, but no joy.


      I can even access the remote agent log from my client PC, so it isn't the DMZ causing a communication break down as far as i can tell (we also have other servers in the DMZ that are communicating fine).


      Any idea where i should go with this?