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    DiskTech question



      Where could I find DiskTech (BartPE plugin) for SafeBoot 4.2 ?

      I haven't this tool in instalation folder :/



      THX for reply


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          on the distribution CD, in the Tools\Making A Rescue CD folder. It's WinTech, not DiskTech?

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            Hmm, I found this topic: http://community.mcafee.com/message/2421#2421

            and there is written that DiskTech is the same as WinTech but DiskTech is for SafeBoot 4.2

            I checked install source for SafeBoot 5 and You are right, WinTech is there, but i can't find tool for SafeBoot 4.2

            I have problem with hdd encrypted through SafeBoot 4.2, when I tried create backup (before the decryption) with SafeTech tool, this showed me about 600 hours and that was stopped.

            Maybe You know another method for mounting encrypted disks with SB4.2 ?







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              same answer - look in the directory on the v4 distribution media and you'll find a version of WinTech which supports v4 drives.


              I'm not sure what you mean though by "create backup .. with SafeTech" - it's not a backup tool, it's a disaster recovery tool?


              what's the actual problem you are trying to resolve, and what has your helpdesk done so far to help?

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                Sorry, my mistake - I thinked about SafeBack and wrote SafeTech

                hmm in Tools on install distribution with SB4.2 i haven't Making A Rescue CD folder

                In SB5 I have this folder and WinTech tool but that not supporting SB4.2

                I want only accessing to data on hdd through BartPE CD

                I could try decrypt damage HDD without backup but when something doing wrong I lost data forever so I wanted to create backup but i can't







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                  I guess you need the later version of V4 then - B4770 or something. I'm not sure where you can download that from, you'll need to speak to your McAfee platinum support person, or account manager and see if they can deliver it to you.

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                    I will try to do so, thx for answer.





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                      We are looking for the same, but our cd is version so must also be too old. When contacting Enterprise support I recieved the reply that safeboot 4.2 is no longer supported so they can't help. It does state elsewhere on the mcafee site that EOL is not until later in the year so that is a bit puzzling. Anyway if anyone has an idea where we can get the PE plugin for 4.2 as I take it the 5.2 plugin (which we have on cd) will not work?

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                        No, nothing from the v5 CD will work with V4 - you need the tools for the V4 CD.


                        Where did you purchase V4 from? Your reseller should be able to help you?

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                          Thanks for the quick reply. We've had v4 for years, well before safeboot was part of mcafee I think, although the latest licenses came from bytes. Anyway I have seem to be in a loop getting nowhere with mcafee about this, with the latest suggestion from Enterprise support that it is no longer a supported product so to contact sales, when it states elsewhere that it is alread EOS but not yet EOL so I don't hold out much hope for success down that path. I would have thought that if someone at mcafee would have the plugin that they could make available when presented with our grant number?

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