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    UpdateIPAddress exception in Orion.log

    Attila Polinger



      just noticed that we have lots of lines like this in our ePO 4.0 Patch 6 server Orion.log:

      2010-04-09 07:44:30,885 WARN  [orion:pool-1-thread-3] webshield.PollServers  -
      2010-04-09 07:45:30,868 WARN  [orion:pool-1-thread-5] webshield.PollServers  - webshield.Pollservers - UpdateIPAddress exception



      (We have EWS 5.1 appliances connected to ePO)


      Anyone have an idea of what is happening? There is no other piece of information next tio these so I am at a loss.


      Thank you in advance.