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    Toshiba laptops and blue screen on install.

      Hi everyone.

      Does anyone know if there has been made available a fix for when Mcafee crashes Toshiba Windows7 64 bit laptops on install Re: this discussion http://community.mcafee.com/message/123374#123374



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          Hello Dragon lord,

          Sorry for the inconvenience caused in installing the programs, the fix is been tested under multiple testing environments and I shall update you on this thread when its due to release, by the time could you please login to http://beta .mcafee.com and try installing McAfee beta programs and check with the installation. Kindly get back to us with the results .


          Dinesh K.

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            Hi Dinz


            I have filled in all of the criteria needed to register for beta testing and i can get past the register stage, i've tried different passwords and home and work emails without any success.

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              Hi. Thanks for manually activating me.


              I tried to install the Beta programme using the instructions specified and still got the blue screen on attempting to install. The computer restarted before i could catch any information and at least this time it restarted without going into system restore. The error details are attached as a .txt (how do you paste in this editor box).

              I looked for the minidump.txt and the xml file to post here but i think they got deleted from the temp folder.

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                I have a Toshiba laptop and also have the blue screen problem.


                Not understading all the technicalities, I took it to a local computer centre last week and spent £30 for them to tell me that McAfee can't be installed.


                Would like to know when I can install it as I am paying a subscription (just renewed) for something I cannot use.


                Contacting McAfee support seems impossible. It says you will be ceonnected to a live technician after 2 minutes..... half an hour later I was still waiting and gave up.


                It wouldn't let me email as I wanted to.

                So hopefully I'll get some sense here.





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                  Were you trying to contact McAfee by telephone? Technical Support Chat can be accessed via the Useful Links at the top of this page and are available 24 hours a day.

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                    No, not by phone, k3tg. I prefer to read replies at leisure. If I'm given a lot of information at once, not being a technical person, I can't take it in. Hence my preference for email rather than feel under pressure from a phone call of live chat.

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                      I should of mentioned Chat is when you contact them via computer and communicate only by computer. A phone call would have a telephone support charge where as Chat is for free. Email is available but personally I don't recommend it as you really need to be online answering questions as the technician is available to help you. They can remote connect to your computer and see what is going on inside. However you want to approach them is your decision, but if you follow my suggestion, your issue may get solved in a more expedient manner.

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                        I've never used chat before so wasn't aware they could do that. ( I am not of the generation that grew up with computers)


                        When I've got time  (assuming there'll be  a long wait as when I tried the other day) I'll try again. Meanwhile let's hope a version will be released that is compatible.


                        Thanks for your help.

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                          Hi Limpet.

                          As the originator of this thread let me say my thoughts.

                          I purchased a three user cd for total internet protection withe the aim to put it on my new Tosh win7 64bit laptop and my Tosh Vista that had a lapsed Kasperski installed, i was going to put the third licence on my sons win7 laptop.

                          I purchased this just over a month ago and posted my problems about a week later after researching the forums here. I have enrolled onto the beta scheme and tried and tried and tried to get the mcafee software to work on my machine....... but to no avail.

                          You only have to read the posts in this forum to know that it is a waste of time contacting support as the best support is given by our peers here.

                          I have come to the conclusion that Mcafee are at a loss at what to do and this can only be a massive negative customer PR experience.

                          I could not wait any longer to get my machine protected so i have purchased another 3 user licence from a competitor, if you can not afford to wait i would advice you to do the same. I am now out of pocket unless someone in the uk wants to buy my disc off me and i'll send it by registered post.

                          I am hugely disappointed with Mcafee.

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