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    Scanning VMware workstations/server (FVS 6.8)

      I am attempting to scan a couple of vmware servers and I am getting no results back from the scan. (not even any live IP's)


      I can ping the devices, but FVS isn't seeing anything.


      Has anyone been successful at scanning vmware workstations/servers and if so I am missing something?



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          Well if scan isn't detecting the hosts I'd start off by re running the scan and doing a quick packet capture to see if we are sending packets. That will give us a clue as to which direction to head.


          If we are sending packets to those targets we know:

          • Its not an issue with an exclusion list.
          • Its not a  license issue.
          • The scanner thinks it has a path to this IP's.


          If we are not sending packets to the targets:

          • Check to make sure the IP's are not in the global or scan exclusion list.
          • Check the log file to see if it says the IP list is empty. That is an indication of a licence issue.
          • If you have already pinged the targets it would seem you have path.


          In the scan config are you using the IP Address of the device or the name?


          On a case like this you should probably open up a service request so we can collect some data.


          As a rule of thumb the MVM product can scan anything with an IP address that can be reached.


          Jeff Haynes



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