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    Check if McAfee is installed before enabling networking



      As we have many machines on the network, and by default they don't come with any anti-virus software installed. How can we detect that there is no anti-virus is installed, (or rather McAfee Enterprise 8.7) on any laptop or computer, and deny network access remotely and not touching the machine itself?


      We do have a Windows Server 2003 domain, and doing a little script to detect that the files are installed but not sure how to check the process is running but that would only work when the machines have joined the domain, So how would I do that when the user don't want to be the domain... (although I can't give them deny access automatically, since dhcp is unix based)


      So is there a such thing that exist to detect the machines on the network to check if mcafee is installed or not?


      Maybe a long shot, but worth to try and ask.