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    VSE 8.7iP3 Repost and McAfee Installation Designer broken?


      Can anyone else here confirm if they are having any issues creating a custom VSE8.7iP3 repost package with MID?


      I have to remove the Notes Scanner installation piece so have to do a custom package and this has *always* worked.  I went through the same process as normal to create my custom package of the reposted P3 install and if I try to install with my custom package, I see in the agent monitor, "error occurred while downloading windows installer 3.1 eula.doc" and the install stops.  I have a feeling it has something to do with the 2 periods in the file name but regardless, installation stops at that point.


      Just looking to see if others are experiencing this.  I have opened a ticket but if others have the issue they will likely fix it faster (hopefully)


      Thanks in advance...