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    New license key process for EPO 4.5 / EEPC 6.0

      Previous versions of EPO did not require a license key, but 4.5 needed one. So I logged into the product download site using one of my many grant numbers and sure enough, it gave me a license key, which worked fine.


      I've also installed EEPC 6.0, though so far that has not asked for a license key. No doubt it will at some point.


      My question is - as I have many grants, (eg. one for 300 users in the UK, another for 100 users in France, then another 100 users in Germany, etc etc), does this mean that the grant number / license key I've input for EPO will limit me to the 300 users covered by the grant?


      And how does the EEPC licensing work too? Because I'm in a similar situation. We have one central server for EPO and EEPC, but a bunch of different grants for the workstations.