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    Magic Timer

      When is the "Magic Timer" going to be scrapped? Silliest idea yet! When I set my scan schedule for 5am I expect it to run at 5am! I think my computer is capable of doing more than 1 task at a time!

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          You mean Smart Timer we mods added the option of disabling it into our wish list fr a patch or next version. There have been several issues with it not allowing updates and scheduled scans to occurs. Of course you can manually update but that is not what the program is designed for is it.


          Is it not starting or stopping while you do something? If latter try minimal resources setting

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            Hi Tony, Yes it sometimes happens when I'm doing something, I don't use the minimal resources setting as I like to get it over and done with! I'll wait for the fix. Thanks.

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              It will be a while as our feel is Mcafee likes it. It needs more emailing complaining about it.


              Mine only stops if rodent movement others with weather programs running stops it do a smart timer search there are a few posts most peop[le do not realise it is happening.


              Will keep it in front of the techs that is all we can do.

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                Some improvement on this issue in new 4.5 version I am beta testing .will not go deeper into what they did as still beta but might do part way towards fixing what you want.

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                  Thanks Tony, I'll light a candle for them in church if they give us an option!

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                    Peter M

                    The new version will delay updates if the machine is busy but only for a limited time and then it will go ahead with them anyway.   Not too sure how scheduled scans are affected though.   I'm trying to find the blurb I received on it.

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                      No option but they tweaked the updating rules from what I see you will get an update even if you are working after a delay time.

                      Ok Peter explained it I see



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