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    I need help... I am at a loss.

      I have had McAfee total protection since March of 2010, I have always liked McAfee and the products but I am beginning to think I need to find a new anti-virus for my laptop.

      I installed Total Protection when I had Vista and shortly after I did that I upgraded to windows 7. My laptop is a 32 bit and my partners is a 64 bit. My partners McAfee has no issues, it does everything the way it should, mine however does not. I have uninstalled it about 5 times and re-installed it which allows it to work for about 2 hrs. Now what it is doing is the following, It will run a virus scan and it will fix things if it finds them, but I have it set up to update by itself and it won't update since the install, it just runs and runs, I have to restart my computer to make it stop and then it schedules another update and does the same thing. I can not change the virus schedule if I wanted to nor can I set up my shredder or quick clean. It seems once installed I am blocked out of ever changing features or updating. Again my partner has the exact same product and it works for her. I have uninstalled the upgrade and used Vista and it acted the same, I have completely wiped my laptop and installed a fresh version of windows 7 and all the updates and nothing I have had my laptop in the shop to make sure it is not my laptop and they find that windows is functioning correctly and my laptop is fine. The only virus found by McAfee was in a game system that I have installed many time and never had an issue since I own the game and use my disc to install it. I have tried PC Tools Internet security 2010 and it worked and found nothing, I tried Comodo and it found nothing and I tried Avira and it found nothing, out of all of these I want to keep McAfee but I need to know it will work correctly. I cannot afford to pay 70 dollars to have someone on the phone tell me they don't understand and draw this out let alone why have a product they won't help you keep working without collecting more money on top of the cost of product. I think a good company should stand behind the product and help fix it so that people don't leave and use another competitor. Please help and tell me why it won't update manually or automatically and why I cannot change any settings.

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          Your post mention you have had Total protection since March of 2010, so I will assume you have recently purchased this within the past 30 days and having said this you would be entitled to 30 days of free telephone support. When you performed your uninstalls did you use the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links? Another option is Technical Support Chat also found at the top of this page under Useful Links. They can remotely connect to your computer after you granting them permission to do so and should be able to fix what is going on inside. Lastly MVT McAfee Virtual Technician scans your computer and attempts to fix problems automaticly. After MVT runs you can then proceed to the Chat.


          Good Luck

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            Ty for trying to help and in answer to the some of the questions, yes I got it in March on the 1st however today is April 7th and the 30 days is over it seemed to work fine til the 28th day. I did the virtual scan and it all says it working fine and then the chat said it is 60 dollars to have them hook up to my computer which I just don't have since being disabled and all that for the last year. I know times are tough for everyone but I just don't get why they don't offer a better support option for their product if they want to play with the big boys. I am just hoping someone else had this happen to them and can tell me what they had to do to get it fixed or if it's not fixable. Ty so much for trying.

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              Peter M

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              When you used those other brands of protection did you completely remove them and use whatever removal tools they have to ensure removal, also when you tried reinstalling McAfee is this from an online account or a CD and did you run McAfee's removal tool (linked under Useful Links at top of page).  If not do you want to try that now.  It will involve rebooting before downloading and installing again.


              Are you getting any warnings of infection or strange popups at any time?


              Is Windows 7 completely up to date with ALL updates, critical and non-critical from Microsoft Updates (as against Windows Updates)?


              Are you signed in as an Administrator while installing and altering settings etc?


              What system are you using now, if Vista is this SP2 I hope?

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                Peter M

                In answer to your other post Chat is free and if you ask for escalation it continues to be free but they will try to steer you to paid support, just refuse it.


                Chat support is always free, telephone support is not after the 30 days.



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                  Yes I removed according the directions and the tool offered, I get no indication that anything is wrong or virus warnings, I am using windows 7 and it is completely updated, right now I have PC Tools Internet security for 6 months but now what I really wanted. As I said earlier I get 3 users from McAfee so my partner is using it on her laptop and it works fine. There is no notification from PC Tools that it finds any virus and I ran Windows defender too and no indication of anything. I also to be sure it isn't a virus re-installed Windows 7 from the cds and from dos so it would be a complete clean install and not an update and it wiped out any old versions of windows.I got my McAfee from McAfee.com and just hit download as it said then followed directions. I tried the virtual scan and did all the patched it offered then when I went to chat they pushed me to the telephone support saying there was nothing more they could do without someone dialing into my computer to figure it out and it would be about 60 dollars. I can't afford that on disability of 1077 a month for everything. When I install it I get a few hours of being able to work with the program and then nothing, I am able to update and run a quick clean and set up my own virus scan schedule then later I am locked out and can't do anything including update manually. When the program tries to automatically update then it keeps changing the update time to 10-20 min because it cannot update correctly. I really prefer McAfee since it is what I have used in the past and for so long but I don't understand how it works on one laptop and not another, could it be because hers is a 64 bit and mine is 32 bit or could I have a virus that nothing has been able to detect yet? I am a bit paranoid so I like to make sure things remain working and have a hard time believing something got past me, McAfee, PC Tools and windows defender. But, what else could it be? Thanks for trying maybe I am not able to have this program.

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                    Peter M

                    As it's the weekend and it's unlikely any tecnicians will be present here,, I still suggest online Chat...it is free.  Linked under Useful Links at the top of the page "Technical Support".

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                      The last time I had a problem and I don't recall now what is was, I did a chat and asked them to remote in my computer to see what was going on. They found something that was conflicting, sent me a tool and instructions to run this thing and then all has been well since then. They did this at no charge and this was not virus related. I would suggest you run the chat again and ask to be escalated to the next tier higher up as the regular chat people are probably at the lowest level of support. Tell them you want a service request case number. Someone from McAfee such as Dinz or Bala need to chime in here and assist you. Ex Brit is doing all he can and he is a volunteer moderator for McAfee. I am just a regular user such as yourself trying to help you out. Just be patient and pursue them. I know its frustrating but that is all I can suggest for you to do.


                      Good Luck


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                        Peter M

                        Well said.  I can flag this but I doubt anyone would see it until Monday.