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    Security Center wont open

      I have windows 7 and I think it came with IE8. McAfee was working fine, I think. Didn't notice anything til this morning. McAfee says that  I don't have any virus protection. It won't let me turn it on.


      other useful info:

      OS Windows 7

      no recent changes

      no other security software installed (windows defender)

      I've never paid much attention about it till the system said this morning that my computer is not fully protected and then said it was not protected. PC issues popped up and said that I need to turn on my virus protection.

      virtual tech. ID:25057119

      mcshield is paused and wont let me start it


      please help

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          Hi pcgirl,

          May I know whether do you have any other security software installed in the computer ?
          Also please provide me with a screen shot of your security center (that reports no virus protection)




          Dinesh K

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            No there is nothing else on here, sorry It took me a while to answer it's just that I didn't want to stay on without any protection.


            I installed Virtual Technician, this morning it says there is no McAfee products on this computer.

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              Hi pcgirl,

              Please follow the below steps and then try to opn security center;

              1.      Click StartRun and type services.msc
              2.      Check whether all McAfee Services are in Started and the Start up type is in Automatic
              3.      If not double click on the particular McAfee service and change the type to Start
              4.      Click on the recovery tab at the top and change all three failures to Restart the Service
              5.      Click Apply and OK
              Close all open programs and restart the computer.
              7.      Try to open security center.

              And may i know since when you are unable to open security center  ?
              Did we make any recent change to the computer like a system restore ?
              Regarding the Virtual technician not detecting any mcafee products in the computer , its been notified to the MVT team internally and they are working on it.


              Dinesh K

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                Dinz... I would like to pick up where PCGirl left off.

                Looking under the Services menu you had her open, this is what I have found.

                I was about to start McAfee Scanner.

                When I try to start McAfee Proxy - I get Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist does not exist or is marked for deletion.

                When I try to start McAfee Services - I get Error 2: The system can not find the file specified.

                It's very odd that the file is pointing toward C:\Programs\McAfee\MSC\mcmscsvc.exe.... of course the file does not exist in the directory, additional looking at the same process on another Vista machine... this location is completely wrong.

                Finally let me expand the symptom that I'm experience, in addition to this mentioned by PCGirl.

                System Mechanic will start, but the window is missing all text and button... ODDLY the same is the case for McAfee Uninstall, and McAfee Virtual assistant.

                What ever is going on it is effecting any system that can help me. I have run Stinger, and it did find Artemis on the first scan, but nothing now.

                So... that is about it. Any help would be GREATLY appreciate.

                Thanks. R.G.

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                  Sounds like the computer may be infected with some hidden malware, click on the Useful Links on the top of this page and get in touch with our free technical chat support team so that they could assist you better on this...