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    Request feedback from ePO community


      I'm preping for an ePO upgrade to 4.5.  I currently manage an ePO 3.61 system with approx 200 servers and 2500 users, 1/2 on VSE 8.7, 1/2 on VSE 8.5.  I receive a new server in several weeks.  My question is really to those who have had this upgrade.


      My thoughts are to load 2008 r2 and perform a fresh ePO 4.5 installand then thru SMS push out a new agent to all networked devices to check in and re-populate the new database, Using the original IP address and switching the cables at cutover..  Does this sound reasonable?  I realize that I'll need to recreate a bunch of policies, exclusions, etc, but that seems minor when thinking about upgrading my 3.6 system to 4.0 to then 4.5 and then move it to a new server.  The existing ePO hgas been upgraded over the years and I believe a new install is better than maintaining old residual stuff from years past.  Also, do you recommend a particular SQL version?


      I appreciate your responses,



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          We are in the process of completing a upgrade from 3.6.1 to 4.5 with a side by side upgrade.

          So far, this is what I done:

          -Build new ePO 4.5 server on 2008 server VM with new DB

          -Created the same directory or system tree as 3.6.1 on the 4.5

          -Created users account and set up permissions same as 3.6.1

          -Expor 8.5 and 8.7 policies from 3.6.1 and import into 4.5.....but the Agent policy cannot be done like this way. So this has to be done manually.

          -Added test machines to the 4.5

          -Re-created tasks

          -Import repositories list into ePO 4.5 but leave disabled


          My next plans are"

          Prepare the 3.6.1 server

              a. add the same agent version that the ePO 4.5 server has

              b. Disabled all replication tasks and pull tasks

              c. Remove all the agent files from the master

          Prepate the ePO 4.5 Server

              a. configure the new ePO server to manange the distirbuted repositories of the old ePO 3.6.1 Server

              b. Replicate the master repository of the new ePO 4.5 server to all the distributed repositories


          I will let you know if I see any issue using side by side upgrade.


          Others who have done this already can share their experience.

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            I did exactly that.


            I have a 3.6.1 server that i'm getting rid of.


            Created new VM (W2003 +SQL 2005) and installed 4.5

            created my groups based on IP subnets

            exported my policies out of 3.6.1 and into 4.5

            sent the agent out via ConfigMgr to staff machines first, then labs and then servers. Servers have lots of exclusions and you can import the machines into the system tree (without pushing the agent), assign the appropriate policy then push the agent out via your new ePO. then it will download the correct policies.


            Since i have Macs still on the old server i had to use a different IP (which isn't a problem anyway)


            But i'm very glad i started afresh. Mine had been upgraded from 2.5.1 ( i think - sooooo long ago!)


            Incidentally- 4.5 is a huge step from 3.6.1 - it rocks! Dashboards are amazing!




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              Thank you!  It appears that our environments are similar.  Our ePO was originally upgraded from 2.5.  Frankly it's time for a new install. I am thinking to use server 2008 though and I am looking forward to the new console and dashboard.


              Thanks again for your response and assistance!