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      I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Mcaffee Total Protection has found: Exploit-MIME.gen.c, a PUP that it is unable to delete.

      I haven't been able to find any solution for my current operating system. Is there any way to delete it? Thank you.

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          Does this show in your quarantined potentially unwanted program area? If so, your computer should be OK. Not sure why you cannot delete it.

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            No, unfortunately it doesn't. After the full scan is complete, it reports: One unresolved issue. Potentially unwanted program. Unable to delete. There's no way to quarantine it either.

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              Can anyone else help here?  Perhaps someone from McAfee.  I, too, have this problem.  It just started recently, although I have been using McAfee Internet Security for a few years now.  In searching the internet it appears to me that only McAfee users get this message as it is discussed in various McAfee forums but not NAI, Kaspersky, etc.  Clearly the scan is finding something.  But like everyone else who has reposted this problem I can find no indication that the file identified exists anywhere on in my system.  It cannot be quarantined or removed.  Yet every day I get the same warning that I have a PUP, Exploit-MIME.gen.c. on my computer.  It is very irritating because I get a daily warning and have to make sure it is the same problem and not a new one.  Furthermore, it is not clear if the reported problem is one I should be worried about or not.


              I have seen posts on this very same problem going back for more than two years.  Yet I have seen not a single response that seems to know what the problem is or what to do about it.  I would be happy to send the file to McAfee for evaluation, except, like everyone else who has this problem, I cannot find the file.  Can anyone offer any insight into what is causing this problem, or at least can anyone indicate how to contact McAfee so that they can respond?

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                  Is there no one out there who knows anything about this.  It has been mentioned on and off in this forum for over two years.  It seems like someone should know something about it by now.  The only suggestion I saw from a couple years ago was to run a security patch for IE 5.5, but I'm running IE 8.0.  If this is coming from an email message is there any way to find the message causing it and delete it?


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