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    Redirect virus/malware. Can't get rid of it!!

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a very annoying problem. I keep getting redirected to other sites on most searches done using the popular search engines such as google and yahoo. I purchased McAfee to remove any viruses. I had AC antivirus before McAfee. Also, I've installed Super antispyware, Malwarebytes recently to try to find the malware redirecting my searches. I have had Spy bot search and destroy for a long time. I have performed full scans on my computer on safe mode using all three spyware removal tools. I have also, run McAfee on same mode. Nothing is helping!  I keep getting redirected. It's very annoying. I need any help or advice possible.


      Thank you.


      ****to sum up my problem. On google or yahoo, I do a search and 90 percent of the time I get redirected! Sometimes to sites that claim to scan your computer for viruses.****