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    EPO 4.5 can't wake up 4.0 agent

      Everytime I try to do a wakeup of my windows 2000 server I get the error of "Failed to read spipe http response, err=-14".    I am running EPO on a Windows Server 2008 R2 server.   I found an article that said to install the released version of vse 8.7 patch 2.  I installed the extension but got the same results.  I uninstalled virus scan enterprise to see if vse has anything to do with it, but and still getting the same error.  I thought it might be a firewall problem, so I disabled the firewall and tried an agent wakeup.  I got the same results.  I even uninstalled the agent which is epo 4.0 sp3, but got the same results.  When I go to http://<servername>:8081 it times out, and I can't see the agent log from the console.  This is a web server so that might be part of the problem.


      I am not sure where to go from here.  Has anyone else ran into this problem?