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    McAfee coming up LAST on start up

      I am running Virus Scan 2010 (version 14) on a windows XP SP 3 PC.  It is a home-grown PC with 2 Gb of memory and 300GB of space.


      When I start my PC, the McAfee Total Protection shield would come up almost right away in the system tray.


      Some has changed in the last few days.  I am thinking one of the updates has changed the start up order and now McAfee Total Protection is the LAST item on start up.  This has caused my system to bog down on start up.


      The only changes to my system in the last week or so is the addition of a WD My Book.  However, after it was installed, McAfee Total Protection was STILL coming up as one of the first items.


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to check/correct?


      Thank you.

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          Hey , you can solve this issue by opening the security center then go to Web And Email Protection/Firewall/Smart Advice and Advanced Settings and check the "enable protection during startup" box , that should solve it.

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            When I clicked on "Web and Email Protection", there was no box for "Enable protections at startup".


            I am running Zone Alarm Pro as my firewall - maybe that takes that box out?

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              Guess that can be , i got no idea how else you can do it unfortunately maybe someone else will be able to help you , i attached you a screen shot to see that box i was talking about

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                McAfee Home products work best when both firewall and anti-virus are installed.  Get rid of Zonealarm Pro - it contains anti-spyware which could clash with McAfee, and install McAfee Firewall from your account.


                If you click Web and Email Protection on the main interface of the SecurityCenter it should say that Firewall is available, if so click that and install it.


                If it says that Firewall is already on then obviously Zonealarm Pro is interfering with McAfee.  I know that ZA says it doesn't do that, but I think it does.



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                  For Doze and Ex-Brit - Thank you for the advice.  I have had no issues with ZA Pro and MCAfee since the days of McAfee 8.  The only workaround is removing ZA Pro when upgrading McAfee, but I have learned to live with it.


                  However, I did notice this morning that McAfee did come up as one of the first items this morning.  My suspicion now turns to a McAfee update which needed to have me reboot and I missed the prompt for it.  I will monitor this for the remainder of my day and if it continues to behave, I will mark the question "solved".

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                    That's good but I'm still a little dubious about ZA Pro and McAfee interacting.   See how it goes.  If McAfee's firewall is installed then it should either be uninstalled using the custom uninstall method from the SecurityCenter item in Control Panel/Programs or at least disabled and then you can tell SecurityCenter to ignore that.