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    desktop.ini and Mcafee shortcut fix?

      I'm using AntiVirus Plus 2010 with windows 7.

      I recently used the Mcafee fix via http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS100906 to remove the Mcafee shortcut which kept reappearing on my desktop, despite deletion, everytime I switched on my PC.

      Since using the fix, I've noticed a file 'desktop' or 'desktop.ini' appearing in various files on my PC.  Each time I delete the file, it reappears after I restart.

      I've opened the file with notepad and it reads:





      I don't know what that means, but I'm wondering if anyone else who has used the fix has encountered a similar problem - perhaps the fix doesn't do the trick in dealing with the recurring shortcut, simply replaces one problem with another?

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          Peter M

          desktop.ini files are common and are dotted all over the place and are normal operating system files which are hidden by default.  You must have the option to hide system files unchecked in Windows Explorer Tools/Folder Options/View.



          Click the attached pic to enlarge if necessary to see what I mean.  Windows Explorer is any internal page such as Documents or (My) Computer etc.



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            I've looked and I do have the protected system files checked.  I know that this type of file is used by the operating system, but the version that I get isn't associated with Microsoft.  It can appear in My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, etc.  A couple of days ago I even had it appearing as a shortcut on the desktop!

            I've scanned it with Mcafee and run a full scan on my system, but no issues are identified.  I'm going to try switching off Mcafee (while not online) and possibly uninstalling to see if the problem disappears.  Because of the way the file simply won't go away, I can't help thinking it's some variation of the reappearing Mcafee shortcut.

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              Peter M

              Moving this thread to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance.  I think this could be some sort of malware although that isn't a sure thing.  As a precaution try the following:


              Try using an application called "Hijackthis" and posting its log on one of the forums below. They will check it and help you get rid of whatever ails your machine.






              Do not post the log here, we can't help!



              Post the logs at a specialist Forum:



              AUMHA FORUM






              MAJOR GEEKS FORUM












              SPYWARE INFO FORUM



              WHAT THE TECH FORUM



              Be sure to read all the sticky announcements/instructions at the top of each malware forum!

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                I reinstalled windows and the file is present from the outset so it looks as though it is simply a windows file after all.


                Incidentally, although I had the file checked for 'protected system files', it seems the problem may have been caused by setting explorer to 'show hidden files and folders' - you live and learn!


                Thanks for the advice.

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                  Peter M

                  That's interesting as I have "Show hidden files & folders" checked on my rigs but don't see the desktop.ini's at all.   Only if I enable the protected operating files option.


                  What operating system is this out of curiosity?