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    Unknown IPs in Manage Network

      I have a couple of IP address on the network of the BT home hub, that I haven't seen before. Status Unknown (two of these) and one Unknown?


      I was wondering if these could be other computers, maybe a next door neighbour inadvertently or deliberately leeching off the router? Has anybody else seen IPs like this on their network?  The last time I used the wireless I had a password key for it, however it may not be working now for whatever reason?



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          Hey joolsd186

          I had the same kind of problem.That number is reserved but comes back as IANA Blackhole-1.I have posted a few times on here with no answer You should try tech support.I had a problem yesterday also and a number very similar to the 1 you posted was asking for permission as trusted,standard or public.I rebooted and called my provider.Their answer was that it was my modem and it could have been because it was rebooting.I still don`t know the answer to this IANA.org  DNS- Blackhole 1 thing.But the problem went away.Maybe sombody with this issue who better understands can help you.                                                                                                                                         Good luck Jack

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            Hi Jack,


            I may just phone BT and get them to remind me how to go into the router settings and check that wireless is off. Just myself and my flat mate use a cable from the router.



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              Ok I phone up BT and they say that they are just extra IPs for other devices to connect to, but they are not in use.


              They have asured me that there is nothing sinister about the IPs



              Hope that helps