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    Get Error: Not a Valid Win32 application-When attempting to run downloaded .exe or .msi

      Percieved problem deduced through research: I have a TDSServ virus and it is not allowing me to open or unpack any .msi or .exe files


      Symptom: Double-click on a .exe or .msi file and system gives me an error that the file is not a valid Win32 application or

      in the case of trying to open the file for McAfee virtual technician, my system says to check with the author to see if the file is a valid windows install package


      It started as a Google Redirect virus, which, upon doing a search, you click on one of the links, the system takes you to something totally different. Most often you get redirected to a "parenting" or "Apartment finder" web site. Fixed that part by running RegCure, Windows defender, and Hitman Pro.


      I would be really curious as to not only how to fix the item list at the top, but with all the money I spend on McAfee products, how did this get through?


      thanks to anyone who can help