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    New version of Mcafee won't load on XP and support cannot help

          Last week my Virus Scan would not operate...constant error messages that I wasn't protected.  I tried to reload Virus Scan and received message "Installation Incomplete".  After trying several times I chatted, they couldn't help, I called support in India.  I spoke to them for a total of about  12 hours over a 2 day period.  They told me to reformat my hard disk????????  I called on Monday to talk to someone in California and a supervisor was suppoed to call back but did not.  I called the president and CEO, Dave Dewalt and left a message.  He did not call back.

          I guess they don't care if their new product works or not.  I have been with them for over 15 years and cannot get a return phone call????

      Their service is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!