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    Problems with Internet Security 2009 not working

      My McAfee subscription expired several months ago, and I bought a new disc at a local store.  After installing it it now won't open.  When I double-click (or right-click and open) from the desktop icon nothing happens.  No error messages, nothing at all.  I've tried reinstalling (both from the disc and from the McAfee site) several times and get teh same results.  I attempted uninstalling McAfee to reinstall it, but when I do so from the 'add/remove programs' utility I get an error message saying 'Navigation to webpage was cancelled.  What you can try: Refresh the page.'  (Right-clicking on this window yields no menu, so there's really no way to refresh it.)  I tried running the MCPR tool listed in the support section of the McAfee site, but when I try to run it a get an error message saying the program is not a valid Win32 application.  Does anyone have solutions, ideas, or input on how to either make McAfee work or uninstall it?  Thanks so mcuh for any assistance anyone can provide!