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    Total Protect Updates - why do they break Firewall Control

      Can anyone answer a question for me?

      Why oh why do I find that every time a new update for Total Protection 2010 is pushed down I can no longer get access to firewall options such as setting program permissions?


      I can do a fresh install, having uninstalled first, and the program permissions, access control and other options are all available. As soon as an update is pushed down they are removed. All I get is the ability to turn off / on the firewall (which actually does nothing anyway) or to restore defaults.

      Does anyone have a simple fix other than uninstall / reinstall? I have been on with the support people previously, and all I get is that "it will be fixed in the future, it is an issue with the scripting used"...




      I do not see reinstalling as a solution for what is quite obviously poor testing / development / quality control etc...


      OS: Windows 7 64bit

      Rest of PC: Not relevant

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