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    Backup and SiteAdvisor removal from 2010

      I would like to know why McAfee decided that we do not have a choice in what runs on our systems.  I can't find anywhere where I can turn things off. How do I Stop using Backup and Siteadvisor?  Also I want to control updates How do I say when updates happen.  I don't want to be watching a movie and have something start downloading. Then I want to know why McSmtFwk is running on my computer and what it is.  I am really getting tired of McAfee thinking it has free reign over my computer.  Where is all this documented?  Here's what I think people want in a security package.  We want control first of all.  No uploading anytime. No history recording so you can get new advertisers.  My network incoming only and only on an install or approved update and exactly what the update is and why with documentation.  An allowable destination directory with out access denied capability of the installed directories.  A report of all changes made to System settings after an install.



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          Peter M

          You do have a choice.  First of all you could have omitted those features from the installer by electing to use the Custom option.


          You can uninstall those features by clicking the McAfee SecurityCenter item in your Control Panel Programs list and then selecting only those for removal.


          Siteadvisor can also be disabled at will via browser "Manage Add-ons" options.


          You can turn off features by double-clicking the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter and then opening the various sections for their options.


          That McSmtFwk is some advertising gimmick I believe.  Check that list in your Programs to see if there's an extra McAfee item listed such as McAfee Security Scan.  If it's there, uninstall it.


          It's put there by Adobe installers, if you fail to uncheck that option when installing/updating their products.


          Technical Support Chat is available 24/7 via Useful Links at the top of this page should you need actual McAfee people to consult.



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            I have tried to go to the main panel by clicking on the different services and no there is no options for settings to turn off anything. Second I'm sure your having fun now, In add/remove programs when I select McAfee it says "warning selecting uninstall will uninstall McAfee", there are no separate entries.  It's all or nothing.  Thanks for the Adobe thing and that's what I'm talking about.  I checked "no" and Adobe feels it has a right to fill my hard drive with all this stuff I have no Idea what is what.  third   I have and have had the McAfee network agent disabled for some time and still the error, so, what now?  O yea! I did install with custom and did not see any option for not installing those items.  by the way guys, Be carefully if you do a search on AVG. there is some guy out there called AVG-Software who is not AVG software and makes his site look just like AVG and when you click on pay your not getting virus software but some Download links only.  There is a 6$ charge for a refund. He does refunds all day.  The real thing that gets me upset is I am the Administrator of my machine.  Yet software companies feel they can put stuff on your Hard Drive and take those rights away.  In other words, you get Access denied when you try to remove this stuff.  That's for users not administrators. So, now what?  Hey, remember that movie 13 Days.   The Kennedy problems?  You ant seen nothing yet.  Dammed if you do Dammed if you don't.  Good luck guys.  I've got enough out of this to laugh about for quite some time now so thanks for mak-in History.

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              Peter M

              This is what I'm talking about - unchecking it avoids the hassle of uninstalling the application afterwards.

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