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    Total Protection Licencing

      I bought 3 licences Total Protection in 2009 and was very satisfied with the product. Did renew last month and installed TP on my 3 computers but olny one have a right e-mail address and subscription date. I made everything by the book but still getting worng subscription at My account and on the product. Dispite that TP is working OK so far but I'm not sure if this will work for me the whole year I paid for. I've also tried to get e-mail support but there is no way to send an e-mail to them (can't verify e-mail address).


      Right now I'm pretty much dissapointed with McAfee because for my money I expect much better support. Besides that their main partner in Croatia (Sagena) was not helpfull at all even I bought licenes from them in 2009.


      Thank you