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    Problems with 'scan your pc'

      how come when i try to run a scan on my computer, this message always pops up & i can't run a scan on my computer.

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          You may have something corrupted in your installation. Why not try to uninstall the software under Add/Remove programs and reboot. Then run the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links and reboot again. Login to your account at McAfee and download the software and reinstall. Then try to see if your scan problem is resolved. If still having trouble then contact Technical Support Chat also found at the top of this page under Useful Links.


          Good Luck

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            thanks, but the thing is, i dont want to reboot & reinstall because when i first installed it, my computer couldnt start up so i dont know if that was the cause of the problem or not though. you're right, maybe it was messed up when i installed it because i remember seeing a message that said something about recieving an email to finish my instalation but i never recieved one.

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              After two reinstallations I think I found the problem: The automatic download of the virus database seems to have installed a corrupted DAT-file with version 0.0000. After a restart of the computer the mcshield service could not be started anymore. When I updated the virus database after the reinstallation the service started again automatically. Maybe an update of the virus database would have helped in the first place anyway . Give it a try!

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                Hi clmx,

                Before proceeding with an uninstall & reinstall , could you please provide the following information so that we could troubleshoot and diagnose the issue ;

                What is the computer’s operating system ?
                How is the computer currently connected to the internet ?
                How old is the computer ?
                Do you have any other security software installed ?
                What is the version of Internet explorer ?



                Dinesh K