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    Recovering data from a failed hard disk


         I am not sure if this is the right forum. I am using my company laptop on which i beleive the Mcafee safeboot was installed and the hard disk was encrypted.Recently

      there has been some problem with my windows OS and i am unable to use my laptop. I intend to boot my machine from an external source and need to copy the

      data to an external device. I have the user name and password which i used to login on my laptop. Can anyone suggest as to what is the best way to recover my data.

      I have contacted my company technical support guys and they dont seem to be interested in recovergin the data and will be reinstalling the complete OS which would

      mean i would be losing my personal files too on the laptop.

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          it's entirely possible to do what you suggest - you can boot off a bart/winpe image, but you need your IT team to help - only they have the right keys for your machine. Without their support, no, there's no way of doing it.

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            Thanks Simon,

                But i dont think my technical team will be able to help me with this. Infact i have doubts if they have been ever trained with this product. The problem is that

            this is a corporate decision, the Mcafee folks come and install it but then the IT support team doesn't get trained. And they won't be having the time nor would put any

            efforts to work with the Mcafee team as reformatting a hard drive is a easier way out.Would you be able to provide me some more information as to how this can be done

            and what keys my IT team should be having with them.

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              I guess that teaches you not to put personal files on a corporate laptop. Keep them on USB flash memory stick or USB drive.

              Whole procedure is described here:


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                Hi SafeBoot,


                I have a similiar situation as explained in this thread.


                My IT Team has the "code".


                There are C & D DRives in my failed HDD.

                They tried to format the C Drive and install the XP again and enable the encryption and then disable it.

                But so for they havent got any success.


                Is there ius any tool to do so ? or any propoer procedure to recover the data from the D-Drive ?

                If needed I can send my Harddisk via courier to your office to recover it.


                We have corporate account for Mcafee softwares.





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                  Are you a member of IT team for your corporation? If not, is there a reason that you are trying to solve technical problem and not them?

                  If your company purchased EEPC product, people responsible for it should contact local McAfee support to get help in resolving your issue.

                  Was it done already?

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                    Hi peter_eepc,


                    I am not sure on that. But they were trying to do the steps as I have explained (Fromatting C and Recreating it with new XP os).

                    But so for I havent heard any good news.My whole 6 months mail nackup ( arounf 11GB) is lost due to this.


                    I am just trying to check for any possiblity / procedure so that I can request my IT Team to follow that/contact your team to do so.


                    If you want I can sent a official mail copying our IT-Admin Manager.


                    I am just HOPING to get that 11 GB Mail backup thats all I want from the 100 GB data in that HD.





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                      Please insist that your IT team contacts McAfee support on recovery task, if they are not profficient enough. Inexperienced tries and errors can render your data completely unrecoverable.

                      For any data recovery, safest approach is to take disk image from physical disk and load it on another disk for recovery procedures.

                      Best chances are with BartPE based WinTech CD. There is good document supplied with McAfee EEPC/EEM product, that explains how to create that CD and on WinTech utility use.


                      Please also note that this is McAfee public Community forum, serviced by more or less experienced end users, like you. This is NOT McAfee Support forum.



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                        duh! if they do that, it will create a new key, and things will get really confusing. They should just decrypt the original drive with SafeTech / Wintech, or just mount it and copy the data off.