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    Autodomain on Windows 7

      We are doing some testing with EEPC v5.1.8 client on Windows 7 machines using Autodomain.vbs.  I understand that McAfee does not support Autodomain and am not asking for McAfee support, but was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the following problem:


      Client installs ok, encrypts disk ok, syncs ok (after turning off the Windows firewall) but the autodomain.vbs file does not show up on the machine after the install.

      On XP, it works perfect almost everytime unless there's a network issue.

      On Windows 7, the file isn't even in the install directory.


      I copied it to the machine and ran it manually, it runs but does not create the .html log file output which it always creates when running on an XP machine.  Any ideas?  We thought it might be something to do with IE8 on Windows 7.  I can see wscript run in the task manager and can see it creates a temp folder called _filesync (or close to that name), then it removes that folder.


      So, I am wondering why the file is not extracted from the .exe installset on windows 7 and why the .html log isn't being created.


      thanks in advance.

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          first problem I see, is that 5.1 is not supported on W7 either - that might be a bigger issue for you ;-)


          Are you deploying it as an EXE, or as a pure VBS? Maybe your AV is blocking it, or maybe it's being written to appdata ?


          I have been working on a new 5.50 version of AD which does not use IE as a UI, to get around these kind of problems. You can download it via my personal site.

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            Thanks Simon.  I know 5.1.8 isn't supported on Win7, but it works ok. We are doing some testing in an attempt to provide some level of support to our management in our current McAfee environment.  We do have ePO in testing but we're waiting for v6.1 later this year.  Some of our Executives and Directors are requesting netbooks with Win 7 (how do we tell the CIO no?). We can get EEPC installed and working but we're trying to somewhat automate the process for Win 7 in our current EEPC/EEM environment. 


            Anyway, this was a clean install of Win 7, no additional s/w, no A/V - nothing but Win7.  We create the install set as an .exe file.  Autodomain runs almost perfectly every time on XP boxes.  There is also another issue - (political and budgetary) I'm dealing with.   - Bitlocker - I read your white paper on the issues of using Win 7 Bitlocker instead of ePO for device encryption and it was very good.  We have an uphill struggle to use it if our management decides to go that way.   If I can get EEPC to work smoothly it would be much better for everyone currently involved.


            I will check the appdata, I forgot to about that.

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              UAC?  User Account Control - rt click the vbs file and choose run as administrator.  See if that helps?

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                We turned UAC off prior to installing and were running as administrator.

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                  we are using Websense - which blocks and reports:

                  http://sites.google.com/site/ctogonewild as a filtered Web Hosting site.


                  Where else might I get a copy of the Autodomain 5.50   ?

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                    I'm blocked?!?!  wow, I feel... special?  Did it say what naughty things I am doing?


                    Sorry no, that's the only place you can download it from. Maybe you can use a proxy to get around it?

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                      Our on-site MS engineer probably had something to do with it....  just kidding.  Sad thing is, it is easier to circumvent (via proxy) than to submit a business case to have it un-blocked.  If my proxy won't work, I'll get it from home and bring it in.