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    False Positive - program running for years now has key xls file quarantined

      I have been running and using a program since 2005 - NetObjects Fusion. Although the program has been updated several times, one of the core files siteStyle.xls has remained unchanged.

      A couple of months ago this file was identified as infected with JS/Exploit-Script Trojan.

      I believe this is a false positive because whether the file is loaded from the original manufacturer's disk, a downloaded version of the installer or from the computer where it was originally installed the file is still quarantined.

      Can anyone help with this issue?



      Message was edited by: Samantha Price - removing sample please do not attach files which could be infected to your posts, even if you believe them to be false detections.  Thank you. on 5/5/10 5:19:15 AM CDT
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