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    Question About RestoredItems

        This morning I was going to delete 4 cookies that were in my Possible Unwanted Program file. I accidently hit the restore link and now they show restored with no option to remove them. Can anyone tel me how to get them out of the restored section and delete them. I have tried searches and about everything I can think of short of uninstalling McAfee and reinstalling it again and I don't want to do that. I ran a full scan and it never picked them up.





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          You'd have to run a scan again to put them back in there.

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               I just ran two full scans and then rebooted the computer and they still show in the restored log. I can't find them anywhere to delete them and there must be a way to get rid of them short of uninstalling and reinstalling the Security Center. As much trouble as I have been having trying to get everything to work I hate to do that. Have you any other suggestions as to how I can delete what is showing in the Restored log?



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              Well the log is merely a log so no actual items are stored there.  Maybe you deleted them in error?  If you restored them then VirusScan would normally re-quarantine them then they'd show up in Quarantined and Trusted Items.  Unfortunately we have been asking for years to be able to ignore each and every detection if we wish to but McAfee wont listen.



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                Ok, thanks. I just wish there was a way to clear the logs as it shows them still restored and the scans picked up two of them which I deleted, but those two still show in the restored log. Have you heard anything more about what McAfee is doing or going to do about the automatic updates and other problems? They seem strangley silent on this new 2010 Security Center and the VS 14 issues. Back when we had the problem of the updates reverting two days into the past in the 2009 version they were right on it and even letting us know what was going on and the day it should be fixed.



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                  The logs self-destruct at 30 days, so they will eventually vanish.  There is apparently a re-release which will go out to everyone soon, but date unknown unfortunately, last I heard was "in about 3 weeks".  That should address many of the current glitches.

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                    Thanks Peter,


                      I appreciate the information and all you and the others have did to try and help us through these problems. I did go to the eicar virus program to test that it would actually detect a virus and it did, but if I hadn't been watching I would never have seen the warning screen as it just flashed on and off to fast and with no sound no one will ever notice if it catches a trojan or virus during browsing.



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                      I agree there are several things that could certainly be improved upon and hopefully will be soon.