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    VirusScan 8.7 Filling Event Log with MCSHIELD "Paused" and "Running" Events


      Last night, I installed VirusScan 8.7 on about 30 workstations and servers via EPO 4.0.  All of these systems were running VSE850 P8.  Since the update, two servers are having their Event Logs filed with mcshield entries as the service continually goes into a paused state and then a running state.  This happens every five minutes, which is also the policy enforcement interval.


      The only difference I can find in the problem systems is that they are 64-bit (one is 2003R2 SP2 and one is 2008 SP2).  However, I do have other 64-bit systems which are not having this problem (2008R2, 2008, Win7), but these may have had VirusScan installed manually.  Could that make a difference?  I've also tried rebooting the problem systems with no luck.


      This looks very much like a problem with the early 8.5 patches where the service would stop and restart, except I'm only seeing this on a couple systems, and I haven't found anything online about the issue on 8.7.  Any ideas?