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    Ran MB/ got rid of malware/ now programs won't open


      Hi Folks,


      Got another fake Windows pop up malware....ran Malware Bytes (immedietely first time I saw the mw pop up) from my Admin user ID,

      got rid of 6 malwares on the total scan.


      went to another ID on computer (the one I use most). Programmes won't open from the desktop.


      Mcafee will not open in this id nothing happens from the icon...other programs (firefox) a window comes up saying

      what would you like to use to open this and if not here you can browse

      on the web.


      Itunes icon...says application not found.


      WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THIS USER ID?........presemably where the malware was as this is the user ID I surf with.


      ps I am able to backdoor to get on firefox and all my bookmarks are still there etc.  but the original firfox icon you

      just get the pop up screen asking what would you like to use to open it or try on the web (again as mentioned before)


      Thanks for any insight/help

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          Mcafee software just can't deal with the fake Antivirus malware that is out there.  And that malware is getting nastier and harder to eliminate.


          I am struggling with it, too.


          The reason your icons don't work is that the malware changes the registry entries related to exefiles.  It defines a new file type called secfile and then replaces exefile types with secfile.


          Secfile reg entries call av.exe or ave.exe every time you try to start a program (an .exe file) and passes the program you want to call along as a parameter to itself.


          So, if an antivirus program DOES figure out that the av.exe or ave.exe program is a virus and quarantines or deletes it, nothing runs because the registry needs to be fixed.


          I am finding 3-4 files every time this damn thing reinstalls itself on my infected machine.  I wish I knew how to help you.


          McAfee support was worthless.  They told me to run stinger, and when that didn't work, told me to send them $90 to think about helping me through their support.


          Funny...  I thought I bought their product to (1) prevent the infection and (2) clean up if I was attacked.  Turns out my $65 subscription fee was a $65 invitation to buy more services when their product didn't work.


          I will have another vendor clean my machine.  I will be damned if I will create a financial incentive for McAfee not to fix their code to stop this junk.

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            Thank You.... for the insight


            As I said this is only in one of my four user IDs in Vista...the others are fine.


            I don't know that this user ID can be fixed....That is the question....the e-mail on the damaged ID still works fine.


            Malewarebytes does work to get rid of these things and I am now going to subscribe to get it in real time.

            Does anyone have an opinion on my doing this?


            Can the registry things mentioned by soby1  be fixed or should I abandon this user ID.


            Advice very much appreciated


            One would think that McAfee losing there huge business with Comcast to Norton would make them want to help

            loyal customers even more.

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              I agree with everything you say soby1.  The Stinger didn't work for me either and I can't even download the latest DAT files.  Not sure whether it is McAfee or the virus preventing this.

              Anyone know of any free software that can get rid of this as like you I'll be damned if I give McAfee a penny more.

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                Follow instructions in this link on how to restore the file association.



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                  Please submit any suspect files to us at http://www.webimmune.net


                  This document will show you how to fix file associations in windows.


                  Kind regards,



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                    I received the following advice from a techie at work:


                    >I followed the instructions at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-antivirus-soft.

                    >just be sure to run it in “Safe Mode with Networking”.  Even if you don’t use IE, follow steps 4-7 so

                    >that you get the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware updates. 

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                      ps.  When I look at http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/239033-49-remove-virus, I see that it may not completely fix the problem because there’s a possibility of collateral damage.


                      In my case, I removed av.exe, a list of related similarly dated files, and cleaned up my registry.  I then ran the newest version of mcafee and trend products and found nothing.


                      Nonetheless, it came back without my doing anything to trigger it in the way of visiting websites, etc.  This time it installed itself as ave.exe instead of av.exe. Again it had related files.


                      I am not sure this can be cleaned by anything other than a reinstall.  Even then, who knows if any boot virus is lingering...

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                        Thank You Samantha Price...........my machine is cleaned by Malwarebytes..........


                        and my registry is now fixed by your advice from the link you suggested.


                        GREAT STUFF


                        I really do think McAfee needs to get on these fake windows malware bugs...


                        they are becoming more frequent and getting stronger


                        THANKS AGAIN