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    McAfee ePO-MVT is now available for download

      McAfee ePO-MVT is now available for download from the McAfee WebMER site:




      ePO-MVT 1.0 takes security management to a new level.  McAfee is making products more "supportable" by adding automated product issue diagnosis and resolution capabilities right into the software.  McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator gives customers end-to-end visibility and control to centrally manage enterprise security solutions.  With the addition of MVT, ePO can now diagnose and selectively resolve many McAfee software issues across all nodes, deliver reports to the ePO administrator, and send the results to McAfee for rapid support as needed. 


      *What is ePO-MVT?

      - ePO Managed McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT)

      - MVT deployable on multiple nodes via ePO deployment task

      - Scheduled Enterprise product health check & remediation

      - Heal check and remediation reports to the ePO server

      - Automated content update using CommonUpdater infrastructure

      - Upload of results to McAfee MVT database optional to the ePO administrator.

      - Support has immediate access to MVT results once uploaded


      *New Features

      - Integrates with:

      -- McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator version 4.0 (latest patch)

      -- McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator version 4.5

      - Diagnoses and/or resolves issues in McAfee products as required.

      - Resolves selected deviation(s) in required product or component.

      - Runs health check and resolves any deviation in McAfee product(s) even if MVT content is not updated.

      - Uploads the health check report to MVT server from an ePO server or a managed node.

      - Runs pre-defined queries which query the ePolicy Orchestrator database and generate a tabular output.

      - Purges selected instance query result from ePolicy Orchestrator server.

      - Alerts when MVT is unhealthy or a supported product installed on managed node is unhealthy.

      - Controls the client system restart to complete remediation (if required).

      - Enforces policies on managed nodes, which define user permissions and product patch to be used.

      - Enables managed node users to run MVT based on the policy settings.

      - Provides managed node users with Health Check report and Problem log which list the deviations in the McAfee products.

      - Supports Permission Sets.

      - Supports Notifications.

      - Supports Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 and later.

      - Supports Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 and later.




      Please review the Walkthrough Guide and Readme & Release Notes via the McAfee KnowledgeBase for additional important information:


      PD22556 : ePolicy Orchestrator - McAfee Virtual Technician 1.0 Walkthrough Guide <https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=PD22556>


      PD22569 : ePO-MVT 1.0 RTW Release Notes <https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=PD22569>


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