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    Won't update.

      I am using Windows 7, no proxy, used the virtual technician and it found no problem but I cannot update, says no internet connection yet all other applications doing fine and even vaidates subscription. I am not running any 3rd party conflicts listed and even removed other security ware not listed.

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          Please check the following before updating security center ;

          Check and delete if you find any remnants of third party software in C:/program files & common files.
          Clear the temporary internet files & cookies
          Open Internet explorer and click tools
          Click internet, options
          Click on the Programs tab.
          Select Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser.
          If available, click Apply.
          Click on the Advanced tab.
          Click Restore defaults.
          Click Apply.and Click OK. And then try to check for updates in security center ane let me know the status.


          Dinesh K

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            Followed each step, no change, still will not update.

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              I have that new Trojan Antivirus Suite, which turns off lots of McAfee & the update, also stops you using internet explorer & various other things.  It's a little bit of a pain in the backside, but your advice has allowed me to get onto IE7 & update McAfee.  Which is now scanning my pc, but the laptop, which I am using now, has not been affected, thank goodness.  Thank you very much for your help.

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                johnboy3, did you do that in Safe Mode? I have two infected machines at the moment. One of them has this Antivirus Suite malware. Already followed removal instructions here and here, but without luck. I can't reboot the infected computer in Safe Mode.

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                  Hi, sorry for delay in reply.


                  I could not get rid of the antivirus software using the updated mcafee, as every time I tried to run it in safe mode or normal it crashed. So I uninstalled McAfee in safe mod the reinstalled it having rebooted, to no avail.  So I looked on the internet & found Malwarebytes Antimalware (Mbam) which also did no succeed. Then found  Superantispyware, which did work! but I had to remove McAfee first in safe mode. then run this after rebooting again in safe mode from a memory stick. It is a Dos programme.


                  I have not had a hyair puller like this for a very long while, hope this helps.


                  I have now reinstalled McAfee Internet security 2010 & All is well.

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                    OH I forgot to mention you need to remove system restor before you run the cure. Then dont forget to turn systme restore back on when you have got it cleaned up.