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    "Settings.ini is being used by another process...."

      In my admin logon desktop, at start up, a dialogue box for Windows Sidebar (which does not come up now) says: "Settings.ini is being used by another process. Close the other program and then click Retry, or click Cancel to exit Sidebar."

      As far as i have tried, the ctrl-alt-del route does not help. The problem is to identify the "other process".

      I have done a full system scan using McAfee Total Protection 2009, result is no threat.

      I have done a full system scan using Windows Defender, also no threat identified.

      One thing I have experienced is that Mozilla Firefox crashes often.

      When in Yahoo mail, in composing new mail, even after i have cleared private data, typing speed is ok for a while, and then it gets sluggish and you can't type for a while, and then you can type again. I have to save often, just so i don't lose what i am composing when Firefox crashes and has to be restarted.

      I usually work in my limited user log on.

      I hope someone can help me on this.

      One problem of mine with McAfee Technical Support in trying to solve this problem is that McAfee Virtual Technician has to be downloaded into my laptop. Now that is no help at all because "access is denied". I also could not find a way to email technical support directly, without having to pass through the McAfee Virtual Technician routine.


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          Hi buhawi,
          Do you get any location (ie C:/program files . . .) in the error message you get that states access denied ?

          Did we make any recent change to the computer ?

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          on 4/1/10 1:46:52 PM GMT-06:00
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            Hi, Dinesh! No, there is no location indicated when the "access denied" message comes on when i try to install McAfee Virtual Technician while in admin logon.

            Another strange behavior is that sometimes i can uninstall a program and sometimes i cannot uninstall; case in point was Open Office. Previously i could not uninstall, but miracle of miracles, yesterday april 1 i was able to uninstall.

            I am tempted to nuke the hard disk, but as much as possible i don't want to go through the format/reinstall route. I do have work file back up in DVD's and partly in an external hard disk. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium.

            I am doing this communication through my laptop which is the subject of this discussion, from my limited user log on.

            Have i done any recent change to my computer? It is difficult to answer that question in detail. About a month ago, I used a Speedbit utility to speed up my laptop PC. But it was only this week that i noticed the Windows Sidebar dialogue box on Settings.ini is being used by another process, mainly because i usually work in my limited user log on and seldom do i visit the admin logon.