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    Best Practice on System Tree Organization


      Best Practice question for all...  System Tree Organization

      I got bit the other day when i had a client task accidentally get switched from deploying to selected computers with tags, to ALL Computers.  Very Bad.  The tagging process with tasks is extremely powerful and it's way too  easy to have one click ruin your day.

      So, I'm debating about tweaking my epo system tree to put workstations one level deeper so I can have a client task at that level to affect all of them. The other option is I create the same task about 6 times.

      Our tree is mostly AD-Synched with a couple of ip sorted containers.  Thoughts ?  The bottom line is I'm trying to segregate the really, really important mission critical systems from the regular workstations and open to best ideas on that.. Thanks ! Jon

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          I setup all task at root level, all disabled and all only apply to workstations.   I then just break inheritance where I need it and if I need something for servers I double the task and and set that to only apply to servers.  This helps quickly show me whats doing what task wise and I can reset inheritance quickly to kill it-  I find it also helps keep my mis-click headaches to a minimum.


          As for structure I sync to AD- keeping ADs structure and do all my organizing there.   All computer objects in the same root then broken out by whatever  -servers, site, some instances special containers for special people etc.