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    Slow writing to FreeNAS network drive with Antivirus Plus 2010

      Hi there,


      Here are some background information,


      Main PC

      OS: Vista Business 32bit

      CPU: i7-860

      RAM: 4GB DDR3

      NIC: Realtek 8111DL 1000Mbit



      OS: FreeNAS 0.7 Khasadar (revision 4919)

      CPU: P4 2.4Ghz

      RAM: 2GB

      NIC: DGE-530T


      I'm facing slow network write issue, less than 200KB/s... After i uninstall antivirus plus 2010, the speed jump back to 50MB/s


      Do it need to tweak any firewall setting to fix the issue? Any idea how to fix the problem....




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