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    SG560/565 and QOS

      I need clarification from some of you SG gurus on the implemenation of QOS within the above mentioned boxes.


      In every other router/firewall I have been involved with, namely Cisco products of one sort or another, when dealing with QOS and bandwidth, the amount of bandwidth used for QOS settings is what is allocated out of the available presented.


      It seems however, that in the 560/565, if I configure a number on the QOS tabs, it strictly limits the entire amount of bandwidth to that amount.


      For instance, I have two bonded T1's for a total of approximately 3Mb of bw available to me.  I set the QOS inbound and outbound speeds to 1000 respectively to handle the 10 or so VOIP phones at the client site.  After complaints, I discovered that the amount of bandwidth available had dropped to around 1MB in each direction for the entire network.  This was also confirmed by several tests with speedtest.net.  Upon disabling the QOS setting, avaialable bw returned to around 3MB, again confirmed with speedtest.net.


      Is this the correct behavior for QOS in these boxes?  It seems a little counter-intuitive to me.


      Thanks in advance to anyone with some insight.