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    McAfee takes over my XP system extensively

      Since the last update of McAfee, it takes over my XP system for periods of time lasting up to an hour or so.  Nothing else can be done while it is running.  Its at 70 - 100% CPU, memory is around 80 Mb. This does not happen with my Windows 7 machine (I have a 3-computer license).  How can I fix this?

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          Hi rpeitzsch ,

          May I know how old is the computer ?
          Do we have any other security software in the computer ?
          Was the computer infected by any malware (or )Do you receiving any anonymous pop ups on the computer while browsing through the internet ?


          Dinesh K

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            Q1) The computer is about 3 years old, its a Gateway with a dual-core processor. the OS  is up-to-date with patches.


            Q2) The only security software running on it is McAfee, the Window's firewall is disabled.


            Q3) no


            While we've always had an issue with the virus scan kicking in and taking up a large amount of CPU, but it was always still usable.  The CPU usage was just a nuisance.  It escalated tremendously recently with an update that changed the McAfee icon on the desktop: the machine is unusable at times.  If I shut off McAfee, my machine behaves normally.  I tried McAfee's "virtual assitant" and it said that everything was fine.



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