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    mcshield.exe high cpu usage, unusable system after fresh install

      I posted an earlier thread a while back regarding security center 2009 and high cpu usage related to a game I have installed:



      Recently I did a complete fresh re-install of mcafee and when I installed (after using the removal tool) I was upgraded to security center 2010


      Unfortunately the problems above have got worse - they are caused by other game executables and the system degredation persists longer than the minute or so it used to to be a permanent problem that is only resolved by hard-resetting the machine.


      I have currently uninstalled mcafee (disabling the auto-renewal) and installed a trial of another product.


      But I would like to get mcafee working again.


      has anyone experienced bizarre high cpu usage by mcshield.exe?


      My system is Vista 32bit, all patched.

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          I have had the same problem since it updated to 2010. I am of the opinion it is a problem with 2010. I contacted customer support and they had me reinstall. Regardless, the problem returned. I find that turning off the 'Real Time Scanning' 'solves' the problem. But this is not what I am paying a subscription for...

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            More on this...

            I installed some updates from Microsoft; when the computer rebooted it was stuck on the updates stage 3 of 3 (0%) and would not boot into Windows. I suspect this is because McShield was scanning the update file as it does with any other files being installed. So I entered Windows in Safe Mode and removed McAfee. Windows then booted just fine in normal mode. I reinstalled McAfee and contacted customer support.


            Customer support had me run a chkdsk. For some reason it got hung up on stage 3 of 3 - security descriptors. So McAfee tech told me the problem was my hard disk and I should contact my system provider (me, self-built) to fix it. I downloaded and ran Western Digital Data Lifebuard tools 1.17. Immediately DLG crashes on an error 11 supposedly related to the cable. However, a little research into this revealed that other DLG 1.17 users have the same problem with version 1.17 and they have no problems with 1.13. So I downloaded and installed 1.13 - no problems with hard disk.


            Sanity check - I disabled real-time scanning in McAfee and ran chkdsk again - no problems.

            I enabled real-time scanning and ran chkdsk again - hangs up on security descriptors.

            I disable real-time scanning and ran chkdsk again - no problems.


            So, I am of the opinion that McAfee Real-Time Scanning has a problem - not my hard drive.

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              Peter M

              These things are often blamed on McAfee but on further investigation Technical Support have found malware and/or competing/conflicting software or even missing system updates are causing it.


              That's assuming the system meets the minimum system requirements of the software too of course.


              I suggest you ask Technical Support Chat to escalate the case if you are satisfied that there is no malware present and no conflicting software.



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                I am not the only person having a problem with mcshield.exe hogging CPU cycles.


                (Additionally my company uses McAfee for enterprise-wide. Every Wednesday afternoon my laptop is rendered useless as virus scan runs and hogs all available resources. I blame that on a selfish IT staff who is more concerned about malware than productivity (despite the fact McAfee has never found malware on my laptop) - and it is a different version of McAfee than on my home system.)


                Regardless, I am still of the opinion that 2010 functions differently than 2009. Every file downloaded initiates mcshield.exe real time scan and consumes excessive CPU resources for an excessive amount of time - maybe indefinitely. They only way to stop CPU consumption is to turn off real-time scanning. This was never a problem with 2009.


                Related complaints (some more related than others):





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                  Peter M

                  Please log a case with Technical Support Chat and have them escalate it if necessary.  The more cases they get the faster it will be sorted out.


                  Anyone with VSE (VirusScan Enterprise) and other Enterprise products please note this section is for the consumer products only, you have your own support portal.

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                    I have the same problem.. its really frustrating. I wonder why i chose this...

                    at random intervals..everything freezes and this mcshield peeks to 100% .. common guys! fix this!!!!

                    Its really annoying and i sadly took 2 yrs subscription

                    Mine is a new alienware m11x and please dont tell some ******** like theres something worng with my laptop. coz everything is working fine if i uninstall this crappy mcaffee.

                    please fix this or tell me how do i apply to get back my money!

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                      Yea this 2010 upgrade is the worst upgrade package I've have seen in years. First install wiped out my network access. Then wiped out the LAN functionalbility but after 4 hours I finally worked that out. Now my WAP devices say my network isn't online as with 2009 it would log right on to my network. Have to try 3 or 4 login attmepts for it to work. I don't even bother running the realtime scanning anymore as it dogs the system down. And my biggest beef it every time mcsheild checks whatever it is checking even though my auto updates are turned off it still steals my active window to do its checks. Really freeking annoying especially when doing photo retouch work.And you still can't turn off that stupid "Your computer is not protected" message. Another active window stealer. At least put the option in to turn that off. Not every user here is oblivious!!!!!! Glad my subscription goes out in 3 months I'll go back to norton or windows firewall unless they get all these bugs out. It least with norton I can exclude by choice what to scan and not to scan. And has for the firewall this one is pretty lame for adding really customized rules. Not even going to bother with an online tech chat here because they haven't a clue. They just read off of checklists and think every customer has faulty hardware/software or doesn't know what they are doing.



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                        Peter M

                        Well, if you are convinced that there's no malware present and no other software that could conflict with McAfee I suggest contacting Technical Support Chat and have them investigate what's going on.  Escalate the issue if necessary.


                        They are linked under Useful Links or McAfee Support above.


                        Daveo - file exclusions used to be a feature (VirusScan 7) and we have begged for their reintroduction for ages now...so far unsuccessfully.




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                          This same problem is still happening wih McAfee Internet Security 2011 and 2012.  I cannot believe that McAfee hasn't solved this problem.  If this problem is known, it should be made available in their database or the technical support engineer should be aware of it.

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