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    FP: CCleaner227.exe detected as Genericdx!gut Trojan


      MSC detected/quarantined a file today that I am certain is a False Positive.
      It is the program file for an older version of CCleaner (v. 2.27) from Piriform that was in my downloads folder.
      I have restored the file and attached it as a password-protected zip file (password = "infected").

      I am running OEM MSC on this Dell XPS 420 running Win Vista Ultimate SP2 (32 bit), IE8, FF 3.6.2.
      All Windows and MS and McAfee programs are fully updated (though I have not yet received the 2010 versions of McAfee as an update).
      There has been no suspicious behavior on the system.
      Scans with McAfee, MBAM Pro 1.45 and SuperAntispyware are all clean.

      My McAfee versions are:
      SC 9.15.175
      VS 13.15.116 (DAT 5935, 3/29/2010, Engine 5301.4018)
      PF 10.15.106
      AS 10.15.106
      PC 11.15.102

      Please advise.



      NOTE: The attached zip file may be infected!


      PS Since the file in question is an outdated version of the software, I will just delete it from the computer.  And since this particular file is not on my other, newer system that also runs McAfee  (the XPS 8100), I did not receive a detection from McAfee for this file on that computer.  Just this one.



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