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    "Generic!atr" detected in removable storage.

      Hi all,


      Recently, I have received cases with Trojan "Generic!atr" detected from removable storage. It has been removed immediately. At first, I thought it was a normal malware detection by McAfee VirusScan Enterprise and it will be fine. However, the "Generic!atr" was detected and deleted again while plugged in to the pc. Please refer the attached screen captured.


      Had tried to scan the removal storage device but it was found nothing. The malware was detected in




      Few days later, another few cases with Trojan "Generic!atr" detection happened to others PCs, with different removable storage devices such as thumb drive, portable hard disk.


      Is this a false alarm? Noticed that it never happen with DAT5930 and earlier version.


      It makes me feel uncomfortable. I think this is the best time to raise up this issue before the storm coming.


      Appreciate if someone could advise on this.


      Thank you.



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