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    Protection for Virtual Machines on  Microsoft Hyper V

      Hi ,


      I'm facing severe problems on Virtual machines (Win2k3 server R2) which are running on Hyper -V on Windows 2008 server enterprise, for some reasons the Vitual Machines are crashing and there is a severe impact on the business.   We have scanned the images for threats however nothing could be detected we have cut out unwanted services which connect to the VM's still the problem is reoccuring , when we checked with Mcafee they informed us to check with Microsoft for any know vulnerablity which might have not been patched.  The VM's are patched uptodate and still this problem has not stopped.



      I need some quick help to resolve this problem , also a similar setup is running at one of the branch offices with a different AV where there has been absolutely no problem.


      Currently the Agent is Mcafee 8.7i at the server level.


      Can anyone help suggest how to overcome this problem..............................  Appreciate some quick replies.






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