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    Endpoint Encryption



      Je dois deployer la solution de cryptage pour les ordinateurs de mon entreprise et j'aurai les questions suivnates :


      • puis-je utiliser EEPC v6 sans ePO v4.5 ?
      • comment gérer la sécurisation des ordinateurs si je n'utilise pas ePO v4.5 ?
      • y-a-t-il des pré-requis à part celles indiquées par McAfee ?



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          Bonjour, I do not speak French and I am not an expert, but I have moved your post into the Encryption area. Hopefully someone can help you soon.

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            Translation via Google:


            I have to deploy the encryption solution for PCs in my company and I suivnates issues:

            Can I use EEPC v6 without ePO v4.5?
            how to manage the security of computers if I do not use ePO v4.5?
            are there any prerequisites except those indicated by McAfee?

            Thank you

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              The answer is:


              1. No, you can only use EEPC6 with EPO4.5. You can though use EEPC5 without EPO if that is more interesting.

              2. You cannot if you are using EEPC6. Same answer as above I guess.

              3. No.

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                Thanks for your answer.

                So our commercial says that we have purchase licence for EE for Device. And I can use ePO v4.5. Is-it possible?

                With only licences for EE for Device, can use ePO v4.5?

                Or can I purchase licence ePO v4.5?



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                  EE for Device? I'm not sure what that is.


                  but, if you mean EEPC6, then you get an EPO licence included, but you'll only be able to use EEPC. You can't buy EEPC then use other products, like AV, Spam, Malware etc - you need to buy those separately.


                  Remember, there are two versions of EEPC. 5 and 6 - you can choose which one you want. If you don't want EPO, maybe V5 would be better for you?



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                    OK I use the EEPC v5.

                    We want to deploy an easiest configuration for encrypt our laptops.

                    If I begin the deployment with this version, can I integrate all laptops in ePO v4.5 later?

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                      what do you mean by "Integrate all laptops into EPO" - EPO manages McAfee (and others) products?

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                        By ePO, I mean Ochestrator.

                        I will deploy 10 laptops to test and if my management is ok, we will deploy for all laptops.

                        To easiest deployment, we will use Orchestrator.